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Poetry Contest

I sometimes find a fallen tree limb on my walks in Oak Hill Cemetery and I take it home and make a Cane or Hiking Stick out of it so it will live on forever in the memory and legacy of Edgar Lee Masters and "The Hill."They certainly are a rare find for me. I debark them and sand them over and over again to get them smooth. The beauty of the wood is amazing under that bark. I apply at least 3 coats of Clear Polyurathene until the finish is smooth, deep and clear and preserved forever.

Poetry ContestThere are 245 poems in "Spoon River Anthology"I have picked out one of my favorites and I will send a Spoon River Anthology Hiking Stick to the person that guesses my favorite poem. Email me your choice.I will expect to get a picture of the winner with her/his Stick.Go to Librivox and start listening to Masters' poetry and pick my favorite poem. Have fun!