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Anthology Name Actual Name1 Harold Arnett John Craig2 Granville Calhoun D.J. Waggoner 3 Nicholis Bindle Nathan Beadles4 Hod Putt William Phelps 5 Justice Arnett Addison M. Barnett 6 Searcy Foote Persis Foote 7 Cooney Potter Frank Sayre8 Percy Bysshe Shelly Wm. C. Bryant9 Henry C. Calhoun Harry M. Waggone10 Mary McNeely Mary Ros11 Minerva Jone Margaret Wheadon12 Samual Gardner William Jones13 Cassius Hueffer Cassius Whitney14 Judge Selah Lively Andrew N. Barrett15 Francis Turner George Reese16 Mickey M'Grew Henry Mickey McFall17 A.D Blood Henry Willis Phelps18 Amanda Barker Lizzie Turner Phelps19 Hamilton Greene Thomas A. Boyd20 No Character Oscar Baughman21 Andy The Night Watch Andrew Stevenson22 Jack McGuire Bones Weldy23 Willie Metcalf Charlie Metcalf24 Indignation Jones Jonas Staton25 Hare Drummer Frank Ehrenhart26 Trainer The Druggist Nathan Pantier 27 Hiram Scates Lewis C. Breeden 28 Mrs. Benjamin Pantier Emogene Thomas29 Benjamin Pantier Kinsey Thomas30 Wm. L. Garrison Standard Frank J. Standard31 Judge Somers Judge Winters32 The Circuit Judge Simeon Shope33 Editor Wheadon William T. Davidson Deacon Taylor William T. Davidson 34 Julia Miller Margaret Davidson35 Doc Hill Doc Hull36 Flossie Cabanis Caroline Hull37 Trainer The Druggist Phillip Randall38 Lucious Atherton Lewis C. (Lute) Ross39 Washington McNeely Lewis W. Ross40 Charlie French Charles Bell41 Chase Henry Frank Chase Henry (they would not let him be buried in Oak Hill so he is buried in the Catholic Cemetery a few blocks East of town)