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Oak Hill Cemetery "The Hill" in Lewistown, IL. provided the inspiration for Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology, and many of the characters in this work have been linked to individuals interred in the cemetery. Oak Hill Cemetery is often referred to as "The Hill," in reference to the first section of Masters' Anthology. According to Masters, 66 of the anthology characters correspond to persons buried in the cemetery.It has taken 100 years for the local residents of "Spoon River" to acknowledge that many of the people that Masters wrote epitaphs of were actual inhabitants of the town. Many of them were still living when the book was published in 1915. It was a world wide literary success, but the book was banned in the community, schools and the public library until the mid 1970's. Thanks to local historians and descendants of those buried on "The Hill", we now know where those graves are. I put together this site for those who can't visit but would like to see the graves and read the Epitaphs of the people of whom he wrote. I have included just few random poems for your enjoyment. Get the book and read them all. Enjoy.

Oak Hill Cemetery"The Hill"Lewistown, I L.

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